Ed Sheeran's Body Guard Is Stealing The Spotlight With His Hilarious Instagram Page

  • 1

    Giving bae advice on how to spend his money. Give it to me and I’ll show you how to live son

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  • 2

    Enjoying a rare moment alone with bae

  • 3

    Bae took me away on a romantic getaway

  • 4

    I’m always watching. He’s always eating.

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  • 5

    When bae wants to cross the road without looking left or right

  • 6

    When bae takes you shopping

  • 7

    Looking into my future. It looks bright. We rich

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  • 8

    When you are trying to remember whether you unplugged the kettle before you went on tour

  • 9

    I'm on what he's on, clearly

  • 10

    What the perfect video should’ve been

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  • 12

    When you and bae have little inside jokes with each other


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