Adorable Ducklings Rescued From A Drain In Hampshire, England

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Via BBC News
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You've probably heard the phrase, "lucky duck," and in this case, these ducklings really are quite lucky! Terry Hill and Cathy Hogg, who both run the New Forest Home Care Companions in Fordingbridge, heard a mother duck crying and sprung straight into action! 

Mr Hill told BBC News, "Every year there's a duck that nests in the neighbor's garden and every year they come down the road to a stream in our garden but there are also two drains outside. Usually we put cardboard over the drain to stop them falling down but this year we missed it. We took up the two manhole covers and used a hanging basket to get two out. The mother wouldn't leave and stayed there until we got them all. Initially she was alarmed but then she realized were trying to help her."

Thank you Mr Hill and Mrs Hogg's for your quick response! Watch the video below:

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