8 Questionable Cringeworthy Tinder Bios That Were Bright Red Flags

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    Hair - 21 48 miles away i collect pubic hairs from previous relationships RECOMM BAILEY X
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    Snapshot - 26 21 miles away They guy in the pic is my ex. I moved on. Just a reference for the type of guy I like.also I am a serious relationship type. Don't swipe right if you are not. Thanks.
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    Text - Santiago, 28 AGR Group 21 miles away #1if your judgemental DON'T TALK TO ME!!! #2i don't live alone i stay with my brother so if u got a problem with that then too bad Imfao #3i don't have my own room i sleep in the livingroom in a sofa no privacy at all nobody can't come over #4i don't drive at the moment #5if you are gonna ask me on a date waste ur time coming my way then take off when I approach your car and ditch me like a dick don't even waste my time talking to me #61 AM NOT HERE FO
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    Text - Owner/Fo 4 km away Hi, I'm not looking for a fun time at all. Only very serious stuff please. Please no cheesy pick up lines or anything. If you want to get to know me send a and I'll know you mean business. I'm looking for a long term relation- ship, probably involving a lot of hard work and arguments and very little sex. I'm very stubborn and emotional and I'm always right. I like to be the one to pick the movie and if you don't let me l'll tell everyone you beat me. 1 Common Connection
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    Text - 13 99 Even with a gun I still look so innocent and child like and harmless 18 7 miles away 5'2 stoner sweetheart don't fuck with me I will break you Inst RECOMMEND TO ND X
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    People - Emily, 25 12 miles away 1 love all my little children. Snapchat X
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    Text - Hey cutie nice glasses Thomi 1 hr. ago Thanks! You're pretty cute yourself What do you like to do for fun around here? 32 min. ago Some times I go out at night and kill pelicans, I have a collection of beaks in my basement Thomi 20 min. ago That... was not an answer I was expecting 19 min. ago
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    Leg - 19 8 miles away Thave a boyfriend, he doesn't pleasure me sexually and I would like a fling, I'm 10 weeks pregnant but don't let that out you off RECOMMEND TO A FRIEND X YRRA


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