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Abandoned Husky Found Starving Is Nursed Back To Health

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    "When Rico Soegiarto found this abandoned husky it was so weak and sick from neglect it could barely stand up."

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    "The dog was wandering the streets on Denpasar in Bali with bald patches on his mangy coat revealing exposed sores."

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    "He was so malnourished he looked skeletal and could barely hold himself up, and had long, dirty nails that hadn't been trimmed in months or longer."

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    "It's believed the dog would likely have died soon after he was found if he was not nursed back to health."

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    "He resolved to nurse the feeble pup back to health, washing and trimming his coat, feeding him, and taking him to the vet several times."

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    "10 months later the husky has a full, white coat and looks strong and healthy in before and after photos he shared."

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    "The dog appeared happy and playful as he wagged his tail and stuck out his tongue with his new owner's house!"

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    Just look at that turnaround!

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