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Austria Is Confused After Spotting An Animal Normally Seen Only In Australia

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    The animal, native to Australia, was spotted by residents in the forest and meadows near the small town of Kirchschlag in northern Austria.

    Police confirmed multiple sightings over the weekend but told the BBC on Tuesday the mystery marsupial remained at large. "It sounds unbelievable, but it's true," a local police official, who declined to be named, told the news agency AFP. "We have called all the zoos and kangaroo breeders around us, but no-one is missing a kangaroo. We hope the owner will come forward," they added.

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    BBC published the story on their twitter account:

    Wildlife - BOC NEWS BBC News (World) Follow WORLD @BBCWorld Mystery kangaroo in Austria still on the loose BBC NEWS Mystery kangaro0 in Austria eludes police Austria often laments being mistaken for Australia - will a recent kangaroo sighting make it worse? bbc.com 4:59 AM - 4 Sep 2018 103 Retweets 303 Likes
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    And people couldn't resist replying:

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    Text - cory zanoni Follow @cjzanoni Goddammit even kangaroos are getting 'Australia' and 'Austria' confused AJ+@ajplus Police in Austria are on the lookout for a kangaroo that's been spotted roaming around a small town, says @BBCWorld. They don't know where it came from because no zoos reported any missing. GIF 4:38 PM 4 Sep 2018 4 Retweets 40 Likes
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    Signage - Brett Debritz Follow @debritz Replying to @BBCWorld But NO KANGAROOS IN AUSTRIA
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    Text - Joce Follow @jocenright "We have called all the zoos and kangaroo breeders around us, but no one is missing a kangaroo" I'm sorry, you've called ALL the kangaroo BREEDERS... .in Austria? Are there that many? I have so many questions BBC News (World)@BBCWorld Mystery kangaroo in Austria still on the loose bbc.in/2MOuuq7 5:58 AM -4 Sep 2018
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    Text - Jacqueline Follow @TechHerbal Replying to @BBCWorld That's, uhm, well that may not be a kangaroo at all I think that's a Wallaby. Different species, different face. Kangaroos have a face like a deer. Wallabies are stubbier & have shorter stockier bodies & faces. They can live in assorted climates. 5:59 AM -4 Sep 2018 4 Retweets 30 Likes
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    Text - Mike Ciandella Follow @MikeCiandella TFW you type your destination wrong into Orbitz and end up 14,000 miles from home BBC News (World)@BBCWorld Mystery kangaroo in Austria still on the loose bbc.in/2MOuuq7 6:21 AM - 4 Sep 2018 1 Retweet 28 Likes
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    Text - Hannah Smoot Follow @hgsmoot Replying to@dannynett didn't know there was a suspected kangaroo loose in Austria until rn, but just watched the video and agree with you...95% sure that's a wallaby 12:47 PM - 4 Sep 2018 10 Likes
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    Text - GRACE Follow @GraceGarde I love the Austria Kangaroo that is on the loose in Austria and nobody knows where it came from 2:46 PM - 4 Sep 2018 4 Retweets 23 Likes
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    Kangaroo - Jezebel Follow @Jezebel Kangaroo at large in Austria, which is definitely not Australia trib.al/csS4wKt 8:55 PM - 4 Sep 2018 8 Retweets 46 Likes


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