I Can Has Cheezburger?

The Vancouver Police Department Just Released Their 2019 Police Dog Calendar And It's Badass

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    Vancouver 20K9

    Canidae - Smithe St ONO POLICE 9STORA ORPEEUI

    K-9's looking heckin' good!

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    Case closed

    Sky - POLICE

    'After a lengthy interrogation, PSD Jack/Cst. Howson-Jones got Mr.Bentley to confess that the 2019 Calendar is the best one ever! Case closed.' 

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    Proud of their work!

    Dog - R PALICE 0O6CA

    Constable Warren Butterman and his furry partner "Hawk", showing off their new 2019 Canine Calendar.

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    Canidae - VANCOUVER POLICE DOG CALENDAR $15 ea CASH ONLY Proceeds to the BC Cancer Founda $15

    If you're picking it up at the Police Department in Vancouver, Volunteer pooch Cypress might be around the office to give you a big kiss! 

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    Keep up the good work, officers!

    Canidae - VANCOUVER POLICE DOG CALENDAR R7141 2019 $15

    Since 2010, VPD's Calendar's have raised $200,000 for charity!


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