Santa Claus Makes Climbing Down the Chimney Look Way Easier Than It Really Is

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A 23-year old man from Phoenix was locked out of his house by his "friends," and so he decided that the best way to get back inside was to climb down the chimney.

And as it turns out, he is no Santa Claus.

It took firefighters about half an hour to rescue him by drilling holes and knocking through the wall with sledgehammers.

"This proved to be a bad decision and fortunately for him the Phoenix Fire Department Rescue crews are trained up to handle these types of confined space incidents," a rep for the Phoenix Fire Department told KTVK News.

Video of the rescue operation shows the shirtless man climbing out of a hole in the wall and stumbling around covered in soot and ash.

As he wet down the chimney, our faith in humanity went out the window.

Via The Daily What

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