I Can Has Cheezburger?

Enjoy A Bit Of Extra Sunshine With These 13 Wholesome Images

  • 1

    “I traveled 3,000 miles round-trip to adopt this perfect girl.”

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  • 2

    "When your dog park experience exceeds expectations..."

    Vehicle door - line
  • 3

    "Good boy knows what to do"

  • 4

    Dog being rescued and saved from a burning building

    Dog - MHC SCK AL 13
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  • 5

    "When your sleeping technique is just perfect."

  • 6

    Pure Love

    Hair - ICE CEBERG
  • 7

    "The way my dog looks at my Dad"

    Canidae - BRANES
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  • 8

    “The cat I picked up from the street with her first toy.”

  • 9

    "Guess who just got a kiss on the subway from a sweet old lady!"

  • 10

    "If I fits, I sits (except for a foot)"

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  • 11

    "Report card day at daycare."

    Dog - BARKLYN HEIGHTS DAYCARE REPORT CARD MY NAME IS: I VISITED ON: 4li6 IWAS: MY APPETITIE WAS Low Energy Medium Energy High Energy Off the charts Small Inibbled alitle b Medium Iate most of my food Large Icleaned my plate THAD TO TAKE MEDICINE 6 No yay Yes yuck I PLAYED WELL WITH OTHERS Yes! Sometimes I was a bit shy Iwarmed up after a while .Irequired a short Time-Out Ididnt play a lot but enjoyed my time get too excited sometimes played too rough at times Trequire more training ELIMINATION:
  • 12

    "The day my grandpa met my new kitten"



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