Uber Outrage of the Day/Year: Resurgence of Complaints About Car Service’s Surge Pricing

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Lauren in Florida paid $200 to go 11 miles to dinner.

Brook paid $92 for a 2.7-mile ride on Halloween.

And Gabby woke up on her 26th birthday to discover the 20-min ride she took home the night before cost $362.

First world problems? Sure. More expensive than it ought to be? Probably.

There is renewed, public outrage this week about Uber's hefty surge pricing, specifically concerning Halloween weekend. After being flooded with complaints earlier this year, the Better business bureau gave Uber an "F" grade, according to the New York Times.

And Uber doesn't seem to really care. Remember the CEO's obnoxious "Pro Tips" about using Uber on New Year's Eve?

Uber Pro Tips for New Year's Eve from Uber on Vimeo.

The company reiterates on their website, in a special Halloween post, that the surge pricing is meant to keep enough drivers on the road during peak hours.

"Surge pricing allows us to remain reliable, even on one of the busiest nights of the year. Our rates will float in real time with fluctuations in supply and demand. Increased rates incentivize more driver partners to get on the roads and ensure those who need a ride won't be left stranded."

So in the meantime, maybe don't take Uber? Or if you must, a new app called SurgeProtector was released this week to help alleviate the problem, as BuzzFeed points out, which shows you the nearest location that isn't currently charging surge pricing.

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