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New Study Highlights The Differences Between Cat People And Dog People

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    The line in the sand has been drawn for centuries concerning the stark contrasts between cat and dog owners. But it turns out that we both place significant importance on our four-legged friends well-being.

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    More alike than different

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    Based off the number polled, it was found that in the U.S., 60% of households have a dog and 47% have a cat. The data revealed that cat people and dog people are more alike than different. For both, their pets occupy a familial role in pet parents' lives. Their pets influence everything from furniture selection (35%), to purchasing a car (29%) or renting a home or apartment (26%). Rover's report found that pet parents are nearly unanimous in seeing their pets as family members. Most even preferring animal company to the human variety. Fifty-two percent of cat people prefer to spend time with their cats versus people. And 43% of dog people prefer to spend time with their dogs over people.

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    Pet Parenting Secrets Revealed

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    Cat people are 16% more likely than dog people to admit they are bothered when their pet cuddles with other people. Dog people admit to talking to their pets so many times in a day they can't even count. Whereas cat people talk to their cats 1-5 times per day. Cat people lead on singing to their cats with 70% making up new songs all the time or singing to their pet at least sometimes. Cat and dog people love to take pictures of their pets. With 84% indicating that up to half of the photos on their phone are of their pets.

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    Always part of the family

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    The majority of both dog (69%) and cat (67%) owners admit they say hello to their pet before their family when they get home. The majority (61%) of cat and dog people said their pets are spoiled. They regularly take over the couch or bed as their own. Cuddles are universal. Dog and cat people claim to spend 1-2 hours cuddling their pet a day.

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    The daily routine of cat people Vs. dog people

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    The majority (70%) of both dog and cat people have 1-5 nicknames for their pet. Dog people are more likely to wake their pet from a dream than cat people. Cat people take the lead (66%) in owning lint rollers, but not far behind are 55% of dog people. 91% of cat owners claim to understand the meaning of the sounds their cat makes.


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