Freaky Art of the Day: Giant Baby Dominates Melbourne

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Melbourne's Federation Square has been taken over by an 11-and-a-half metre (37.5-foot) baby named 'Ping Pong' made by Australian artist Felipe Reynolds:

The artist wanted the baby to "incorporate everybody in it," he said, "I wanted it to not be white, not be black, not be female, not be male - just be as inclusive as possible, so everybody can relate to it."

According to the Fed website:

"Interaction is key to experiencing this unique inflatable. Through a camera rigged to The Atrium screen (operating between 7am – 10pm) members of the public will find themselves part of the installation. Upon interaction the frame will be flipped horizontally, so it looks like the baby is sitting on the ground and the visitors become the human mobile. On weekdays from 10am – 4pm, during the school holidays, play with the baby via 4 giant rattles (1.5 meters) based beneath the inflatable."

Well, I think we can all relate to it being creepy, if nothing else.

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