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Gyms intimidate a lot of people. Some people are so intimidated by gyms they will trick themselves into coming up with reasons a gym isn't right for them or won't improve their health. Common reasons include: • I don't have time. • I can work out at home. • Only meatheads go to the gym. • It's too much money. And those are only four commonly heard reasons people come up with for NOT going to the gym. Chances are good you've heard one of these or something similar Maybe you've even thought about them yourself. The fact is a gym membership has a lot of benefits for your health. Let's take a look at why this is by talking about those common excuses above. I don't have time. Gym memberships and going to the gym help you manage your time and stress better. By going to the gym on a routine basis, you give yourself some well-deserved "me time." There's no work stress, no kids and family to worry about, and for the most part you're left alone. For about 30 minutes of your day you can work your body out and relieve your stress. I can work out at home. Don't take this the wrong way. Working out at home is a great way to get into and stay in shape. But having a gym membership is better for some people. Mostly because you have a more disciplined environment. At home, you have all the distractions of home. TV, family, games, and general relaxing. When you're at home you just want to relax! But the gym is a place for working out. Your mind is tricked into having more discipline when you have a gym membership. Only meatheads go to the gym. A lot of people are turned off by "meathead" or gym rat culture. For all the right reasons. Many gym rats are conceited and can be downright obnoxious. However, this fact doesn't mean you shouldn't still view a gym membership as a great investment. Go get a free trial at a gym. Go after everyone gets out of work and take a look around. There's people from all walks of life exercising and taking care of their bodies. To say only one small group of people like going to the gym is a simply not true. On the other hand, talking to some of these experienced gym goers is often positive. Most people love being asked for advice. You can go up to the biggest or fittest person in the gym and ask for tips and tricks most people need to pay for (and you'll most likely get some great info for free!). It's too much money When people ask if a gym membership is a good thing for them to do but then complain about the money aren't thinking long-term. You want to think long-term. View a gym membership as an investment. For around 20 dollars a month you get amazing returns on a long-term investment in your body. There is no other investment on Earth, financial or metaphorical, that give you great returns like a gym membership will! Fitness on Demand This article about getting a gym membership was brought to you by Fitness on Demand kings of the UK - http://www.esq2.com . If you own a gym or fitness centre in the UK, then please visit our Partners Page - http://www.esq2.com/partners . We have videos and tutorials to sign up with our world class Partners Program.

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