Woman Quits Job And Searches 57 Days To Find Her Lost Dog

And she did! The love we have for our pets can sometimes astound us! 

Meet Carole King of Deer Park, Washington, who lost her beloved 7-year-old border collie named Katie. 

It happened on July 20th, when Carole, her husband, and Katie, traveled to Flathead County for a four-day getaway. The couple had gone out to dinner and left Katie in their hotel room, and when they returned Katie was nowhere to be found. 

King told the Daily Inter Lake that she was devastated and sick to her stomach. She frantically searched her room for her Katie, looking for any signs of her beloved canine before rushing to the front desk in hopes Katie was still somewhere in the building.  

King said, "I said to the clerk, 'please tell me you have my dog.' The clerk says 'no, she left about 4, 4 1/2 hours ago,' " 

Unfortunately, the moment those automatic doors opened, Katie ran out without a trace. 

The devastated couple spent days that soon turned into weeks looking for Katie.

Carole King worked as a postal worker but quit in order to continue her search and dedicate all her time to it. 

The news about Katie was beginning to spread online and in doing so, multiple Facebook pages popped up, filled with users who were offering words of encouragement and sharing and information about recent sightings that could help bring Katie home. 

King hung up 500 flyers around the county, searching into the night and gone as far as setting up a few game cameras in spots where Katie had been spotted.

"I never gave up. I never lost hope," said King.

On September 15th, 57 days later, King got a call in the early morning from a man in the Country Estates neighborhood. He told her there was a dog in his backyard that matched the description of Katie. It just so happened that the day before the call, King and a friend were in that very neighborhood posting flyers around. 

King called up that same friend for help as they rushed out to find Katie but by the time they arrived, the dog was already gone. 

The pair decided to search the neighborhood again with no luck in sight. As they decide to return back home, a woman called out to King, "As the lady was walking back, she points over to the tree where it's real dark and says, 'Is that your dog?'" King said. "And I turn and it's Katie."

Heart skipping a beat and beyond excited, King called out to her beloved dog, "Katie. Katie girl!"

Katie came running over.

"I just bear-hugged her; I wasn't going to let her go," King recalled. "Tears were flying, we were screaming, everybody is high-fiving, hugging each other. People are stopping in their vehicles, getting out and hugging us. I think the whole neighborhood knew that we found her."

Immediately from there, King took Katie to a local emergency vet clinic where King learned that she had lost 12 pounds, was severely dehydrated and in starvation mode.

Even though Katie was skin and bones, she is in good spirits and expected to make a full recovery. 

Congratulations to the King's who never gave up hope! Katie is lucky to have you! 

Story via Daily Inter Lake

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