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First 'Bee' Social Media Influencer Is Here To Raise Awareness

  • 1

    "Today I did my first studio photo shoot!"

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  • 2

    "Did you know that @LaPoste there are some lovely envelopes... to plant! If you receive one, go ahead and plant it like I did this summer. Or save till spring, the perfect time to bloom your spaces! Every planted flower is a step towards bee protection"

  • 3

    "After spending the whole summer pollinating flowers to prepare cold days, I can finally enjoy wandering around and taking nice pictures."

  • 4

    "My tan lines will fade but my followers will last forever. "

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  • 5

    "Swinging back into work after the weekend! The more flowers we find on our way the better for us: plant organic and pesticides free flower seeds everywhere you can and spread the love!"

  • 6

    "I spend so much time in my bathroom every morning… Ladies what is your morning routine?"

  • 7

    "Check out that side bee... "

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  • 8

    "Whoa, you’ll feel so small in mid-air under the enlightened dome! The @galerieslafayette Paris Haussman’s glasswalk will make you feel like flying as a bee!"

  • 9

    "Bring me back there, with more sea and less heat!"

  • 10

    "I have only one flaw… (LOL) I don’t know how to swim!"

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  • 11

    "I love my #hotdoglegs. Some say hairy, I say fluffy"

  • 12

    "Follow me to… save the bees!"

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    Vote now for your favorite cat meme of the decade!


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