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Funniest Screenshots Of The Week (December 12, 2019)

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    Text - Kevin Farzad @KevinFarzad Find someone who cares about you as much as gmail cares about new devices signing into your account
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    Text - r/meirl Posted by u/igatt • 10h • + JOIN me_irl Memes sometimes i say "huh?" then answer the question before the person even repeats themselves. i'm not deaf, my brain just be laggin like a 2005 Dell desktop x
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    Text - Guys, would you give an average looking girl a chance if she were to approach you first and make first move ? @ascaniospread A guy would talk to a tree if it approached him first It's talking. Merry, the tree is talking.
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    Text - dustin Couch @Dustinkcouch one time i shut myself in my room and listened to linkin park while crying because a girl told me she wouldn't be able to go to with me to the 2005 nickelodeon's kids choice awards if i were to hypothetically win tickets in a sweepstakes i saw in a commercial but never entered
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    Clothing - I'm Not Like Your BoyfriendX,IKnow How To DRESS Big Tape @ThisTape You look like a bisexual squirrel
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    Text - Nathan Odom @NathanOdom11 I'm thankful for the Foo Fighters because l've never felt threatened by a foo and that means they're doing a heck of a job on the frontlines 9:45 PM 12/2/19 Twitter for iPhone 569 Retweets 2,380 Likes
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    Text - acatholicrose DIVORCE COURT YOU ARE NO LONGER MARRIED TO EACH OTHER, YOU ARE STILL MARRIED TO EACH OTHER. huntrad owned leagueofaveragefolk Lifeguard Jesus disagrees with the law ralfmaximus Lifeguard Jesus is found in contempt of court and sentenced to jail
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    Text - opossumprince i find it hilarious when ur the quiet/introverted kid and the teacher always sends ppl who are too talkative in class next to you bc they know you wont talk like bad and naughty children get put with the Silent Man to atone for their crimes
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    Text - every city has a "guy" they all know about. you can visit a friend in their town and see a man dressed in robes, riding a horse & your friend will go "oh yeah haha that's horseback jesus" and then that's just the end of the explanation.
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    Text - Ky @_kylandia someone said that your customer service voice is just baby talk for boomers andi can't get over that 3:12 PM · 12/2/19 Twitter for iPhone


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