Happy World Cat Day!

Today is World Cat Day, the day to celebrate all cats do to enrich our lives. To celebrate, we've put together a list of 7 amazing cats who exemplify cat greatness. So, cuddle up with your feline friends and enjoy!

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    Fukumaru Is the Best Friend of an 87 Year Old Grandmother

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    Via: Lovemeow
    In 2003 Misao Ihara took in this stray cat with the unusual eyes and they became inseparable. Misao Ihara would work the fields and Fukumaru wouldn't be far behind. Misao Ihara has since past away but her Granddaughter has dedicated these wonderful pictures to her memory.

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    Jessi-Cat Helps a Child With Selective Mutism

    It's good to know you have a friend that'll never be judgmental.

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    Cat Saves Owner's Life Just Hours After Being Adopted

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    Via: Pawnation
    Amy rescued Pudding from an animal shelter, and pudding returned the favor by rescuing Amy the very same day. That night, Amy experienced a diabetic seizure and Pudding ran into her 9 year old son's room and woke him up.

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    Kitten Helps Dog Escape

    This kitty proves that whole 'cats and dogs being natural enemies' thing is just an ugly myth.

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    Leo Can't Stand Cat Burglars

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    Via: Mirror
    When Leo's home was broken into during the night he started to shriek wildly until his owners awoke. Luckily, the would be thieves took off running before they got to take anything. It's obvious from looking at him that Leo's a cat that doesn't put with any nonsense.

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    Mama Cat Adopts Ducks

    Having little kittens of her own already doesn't stop this mama cat from adopting some chicks.

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    Holly Pulls a Real Life 'Homeward Bound'

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    Via: Well
    Nobody seems to be able to explain how Holly managed to find her way home after getting lost on an excursion 200 miles from home, but that's exactly what she did. Her owners don't seem to worried about how she did it though, they're just glad to have her back!
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