Memes All Over the Internet Have Been Turned Into Beautiful Music

You love memes, you love music, why not bring the two together?

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    Donald Trump And Hillary Sing a Duet

    Via: DWDD

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    We All Know Trump is Not a Perfect Person

    Via: AK

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    Someone Got Inspired By Hillary's Shimmy and Wrote Her a New Campaign Song

    Via: Jonathan Mann

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    Why Listen to the Original Version of That Infamous Soundbite When You Can Hear an Electronic Music Version of It?

    Via: vhscollection

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    Let's Lighten Things Up a Bit

    Via: Pico Taro singing video channel

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    Your Fantasy League's Next Loser Needs to Consider This Guy's Dedication to Recreating 'Wrecking Ball' as the Standard

    Via: Daniel Paul Stewart Jr

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    Let's Get the Animal Sound Covers and Game of Thrones Parodies Out of the Way in One

    Via: Insane Cherry

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    Rob Cantor Celebrates the 'Uniqueness' of the Internet in Song

    Via: TheEllenShow

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    This Video Mashup Adds a Little Something Special to These Popular Songs

    Via: Zarkow
    Language WARNING: Explicatives are the something this video mashup adds to this music. 

    And here's another one, for good measure. 

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    Watch the Muppets Sing "Ms. Jackson" and Try to Cheer Up

    Via: isthishowyougoviral

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    It Would Be Wrong to Leave Out This Tribute to Harambe

    Via: RandomMakingMovies

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    And While We're on the Subject

    Via: Cleptar

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    Donald Trump's Love of His Debate Chair Was Made Into an Adorable Indie Band Song

    Via: Jonathan Mann
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