Eric Trump Sends Out Electoral Map of Men-Only Election Hinting 'Momentum Is on Their Side' and Receives Prompt Mocking from the Internet

If only Nate Silver could've known that his electoral map tweets would inspire the latest hilarious meme movement. Silver was attempting to illustrate how the election would turn out if only men, or only women turned out to vote based on a polls-only forecast. The blue map showed Hillary winning big time, while the red shows Trump with the easy victory. Shortly after all this, Eric Trump pushed the men-only electoral map as a 'hint' momentum was on their side. Let the hilarity ensue.

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    First the original tweets from Nate Silver:

    Via: @NateSilver538

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    Via: @NateSilver538

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    And now fast forward to people reacting to Trump pushing that men-only map in an email campaign:

    Via: @j_zimms

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    Via: @wstafrican

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    While we're at it, why not examine other enticing demographics of the internet?

    Via: @tomgara

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    Via: @GMPaiella

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    Via: @JohnGHendy

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    Via: @SnoozeInBrief

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    Via: @mightygodking

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    Via: @JonathanCohn

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    Via: @jasonloveusa

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    Annd the grand finale...the Ken Bone map:

    Via: @Tormny_Pickeals
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