Brilliant Halloween Tricks for When You're Sick of Handing Out Treats

These spooky tricks are guaranteed to keep those pesky kids off your lawn this Halloween.

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    Worth It?

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    I Wonder How the Detectives on 'Law & Order' Would React if Their Victim Shot Up and Screamed at Them

    Via: PrankvsPrank

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    What's Wrong? Don't Recognize Your Own Sister?

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    Halloween Gengar Prank

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    Protip: Just Stay Away From Parking Garages Around Halloween

    Via: Rémi GAILLARD

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    Reverse Trick or Treating Brings the Candy to You

    Via: Fun Time Federation

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    There is Nothing Worse Than a Giant Flying Spider

    Via: MabeInAmerica
    Until you figure out that it's a drone, and a prank.

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    Paranormal Activity Digital Portrait Prank

    Via: jasonrosetefilm
    Watch these men scream like school girls in this new Paranormal Activity Prank

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    Come and Get It, Trick-or-Treaters!

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    Nothing Says Halloween Like a Good Old Fashioned Chainsaw Massacre Prank!

    Via: VitalyzdTv
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