Tokyo Comi-Con Bans Male to Female "Crossplay" so Here Are Some of the Greatest

Men have been banned from cosplaying as female characters at the Tokyo Comi-Con according to reports. The decision, a relatively common one in Japan, comes due to fear of having too many male attendees arrive dressed as women. In honor of our fallen crossplaying comrades we bring you some of the best, beefiest, and most fantastic male crossplays of all time.

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    Who Wore it Best?

    Via: Nick Henn

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    She's the One Named Sailor Moon

    Via: collegehumor

  • 3

    Minako Aino Herself

    Via: menofcrossplay

  • 4

    The Battle Bunny

    Via: imgur
    Is that Zedd?

  • 5

    Ready For Battle

    Via: cosplayinamerica
    Seriously there's a lot of battle bunny crossplay

  • 6

    The King of Crossplay

    Via: Kotaku

  • 7

    I Bet You Thought Jabba the Hutt Couldn't Look Any More Disgusting

    Via: Costner_Facts

  • 8

    See, I Told You Zelda Was the Guy!

    Via: Moka-92

  • 9

    Disney Princesses

    Via: emptyfilmroll

  • 10

    The Hair is Spot On

    Via: reddit

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    Have You Ever Wanted Your Nurse Joy to be so Perfect You Dyed Your Beard?

    Via: snuggaymer
    Where's Waldo?

  • 12

    Super Girl... Man?

    Via: fishyfins

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    Nice Hat!

    Via: Naoko Tatibana
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