Facepalm of the Day: Hilary Duff is an Early Contender for Worst Costume of the Year

It happens every year around this time. Jack-o'-lanterns are lit, the laughter of goblins fills the air, and someone wears a horrifically tone-deaf Halloween costume.

This year's offender isn't from your average fraternity party, but rather former Saturday morning-icon Hilary Duff. The Lizzie McGuire-star appeared at Halloween party this weekend with new boyfriend Jason Walsh dressed as a Pilgrim and Native American, respectively.

The Internet was not impressed.

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    Entertainment Tonight tweeted this picture

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    Via: @etnow

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    Hilary Duff was quick to apologize.

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    Via: @HilaryDuff

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    But many found the costume offensive.

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    Via: @halrudnick

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    And some of Duff's long-time fans were crushed.

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    Via: @taymcclay

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    Still, it begs the questions:

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    Via: @crxssida
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