Everyone Has Their Own Theory About Why Donald Trump Was Eyeing Melania's Ballot

The internet has come up with a brand new meme in light of footage of Donald Trump craning his neck over the voting booths to check his wife Melania's ballot. Possibly because everyone has a lot of time on their hands while they wait in insanely long voting lines.

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    The Prevailing Theory is That Donald Doesn't Trust Her to Vote for Him

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    Via: AJEnglish

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    Via: BlogsofWar

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    Via: Mr_Ghostly

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    Via: rockymomax

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    Via: imskytrash

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    Via: dubstep4dads

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    Others Think Donald Was Just Copying Melania's Answers

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    Via: holmesdm

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    Via: tastefactory

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    Via: janmpdx

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    Via: BuzzFeed

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    Via: ian_servantes

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    But If This Is the Case, The Donald Might Be in Trouble

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    Via: @AliR_Ahmadi1
    via @ditzkoff
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