Game of Thrones Characters as Video Game Consoles

Giant Bomb user Gold_Skulltulla combined his love with Game of Thrones and Video Games to create this genius list.

Warning: A little Spoilerish.

  • Joffrey – Wii

    Rules the land, but many seek to defy him. Has broad reach, but not much respect.
  • Sansa – PS3

    Bold and naive. Thinks everyone will love her because of her noble bloodline.
  • Arya – Genesis

    A dark horse with a rebellious spirit. Proved that she can hang with the boys.
  • Eddard – Dreamcast

    Head of a strong household killed off too soon, many claim unjustly.
  • Jaime – PS1

    Brash and confident, with the strength to back it up. Dethroned previous ruler.
  • Tyrion – 3DS

    Has a rough go at first, but gains power through cunning and persistence.
  • Petyr – Xbox One

    True motivations unclear. Purportedly powerful. Will spy on you.
  • Bran – Game Boy

    Can't do everything his big brothers can, but has other abilities that none of them have. Green dreams.
  • Cersei – Xbox 360

    Orchestrated the greatest seize of power for her family in recent history. Loved and feared in equal measure.
  • Jon – Xbox

    Powerful for his years, but also awkward and a bit clunky. Wears black like it's going out of style.
  • Daenerys – PS4

    Descendant of once dominant dynasty bent of returning to power. Fan favorite.
  • Jorah – Vita

    Desperate for affection. Best hope is to latch on to more respected up-and-comer.
  • White Walker – Wii U

    Everyone has forgotten it exists except for a few, weirdly obsessed folks.
  • Stannis – N64

    Stubborn and traditionally-minded. Decided to go it alone, and has little outside support. Heard from infrequently.
  • Melisandre – N64 Expansion Pak

    Dons a red hood and empowers her liege. Not really sure how she does what she does.
  • Tywin – PS2

    Powerful reputation with an enormous warchest. Decimates all whom he faces in combat.
  • Sam – Gamecube

    Gets little credit for what he's good at. Really into connectivity, but not a great communicator.
  • Theon – 3DO

    Thinks he's cool, but no one really likes or supports him.
  • Brienne – Saturn

    An outlier, fierce and loyal. A bit awkward, but dependable for those that seek her out.
  • Robert – NES

    Claimed the throne by force when the opportunity presented itself. Ended the old dynasty and began a new one.
  • Renly – PSP

    Little sibling to powerful stalwart. Defenses are easily compromised.
  • Ygritte – Ouya

    Free of the rules that most obey, an outsider of questionable credibility.
  • Varys – Kinect

    Loyal to the realm, in service to his liege. Cordially bows to his master. Watches your every move.
  • Viserys – Virtual Boy

    Comes from a strong pedigree, but squandered all goodwill with his off-putting manner.
  • Dragons – Steam Machines

    Legends speak of their coming, but little is known outside of rumors and speculation claiming what they're truly capable of. Could bring about a new era.
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