Tweet of the Day: President-Elect Suggests Imprisonment for Exercising First Amendment Rights

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Phew. President-Elect Donald Trump’s transition into the White House has been a blast. We’ve already gone through his conflicts of interests and new hat, but the big, Big, BIG thing on the Internet today has been Trump’s little stab at the First Amendment, arguably the second most-popular amendment behind the right to bear arms.

In an ill-advised tweet at 4am, his favorite time to decree something “Sad!” (though, not his favorite time to RT and agree with a 16-year-old—that would be 6pm), that billionaire reality TV game show host who won the presidency a few weeks ago tweeted that there should be consequences to flag burning, like maybe “perhaps loss of citizenship or a year in jail.”

Of course, flag burning is constitutionally permitted under the aforementioned First Amendment, so Twitter decided to remind our 45th president with the hat of this fact. Let’s just hope responding to tweets will be constitutionally permitted under the aforementioned First Amendment after January 20, he wrote in terror.

  • The President-Elect sez:

    Via: @realDonaldTrump
  • Ana Navarro is not having it.

    Via: @ananavarro
  • Flag burning? The Supreme Court says, "I'll allow it!"

    Via: @kylegriffin1
  • Justice Scalia (not a king) agrees, we have a First Amendment.

    Via: @OliviaMesser
  • Two Constitutional violations for the price of one!

    Via: @MatthewNussbaum
  • I'm feeling lucky.

    Via: @brokeymcpoverty
  • This clapping man is right!

    Via: @imillhiser
  • From Mitch's mouth...

    Via: @Phil_Mattingly
  • Solid defense and pivot from House Majority Leader McCarthy

    Via: @Morning_Joe
  • Quote from the future?

    Via: @pattymo
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