Nightmare of the Day: This Mom Dressed Up Like Her Dog and Now None of Us Are Sleeping Tonight

Sure, parents are annoying — what with the “pick up your room,” “what are you doing with your life,” and “no, you cannot turn the garage into something called the ‘Chill Zone.’”

But sometimes, they’re just really scary — like when they threaten to throw away your velvet painting of Hendrix wailing on his axe because you won’t just “move out already.”

Meet Zoë Baumann, for instance. According to her Twitter, her mother dressed up like her dog. While this might be just a way to get her to “clean the pot after making mac and cheese at 4am,” or, simply, this is a Halloween costume, Zoë, nevertheless, brought her personal punishment to Twitter, who had a field day with this.

Check out some of the best responses to Zoë's mom dressed as her dog. 

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