Mind Blow of the Day: These Pictures Use Neural Networks to Create Image Inceptionism

Uhhhh… ok.

Here’s, um, something from the Internet. We’re not totally sure what it is, but we’re pretty sure that it’s weird and cool.

These beautiful/horrible images come from users of the Russian website “Ostagram," using an art technique known as “Inceptionism.” Inceptionism is where “images are combined using neural networks to generate a singe mind-bending picture,” says Bored Panda.

Now, if that doesn’t totally make sense, you’re not alone. Bored Panda goes on to explain a little bit of this process, which is, admittedly, totally weird images:

“A neural network is a computational model based on the structure of a biological neural network. In other words, it works like a human brain. Conventional software operates within strict parameters but artificial neural networks have the ability to "learn" by being fed more and more data over time.
“The images are possible thanks to DeepDream software, which finds and enhances patterns in images by a process known as algorithmic pareidolia. It was pioneered by Google and was originally code-named Inception after the film of the same name. And looking at these pictures, it’s easy to see why.”

Check out some the craziest pictures below, and if you’re still hungry for more, check out Ostagram.

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