Twitter Presents: The Mystery of the Restricted Oreos

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    Via: Katherine Hayton

    Twitter user, Katherine Hayton, posted this image of a poster in the library. The poster was announcing the ban of all Oreos "In light of recent events". This spurred a mystery search across twitter searching for what could have possibly caused such an outrighteous ban.

    Our bet was that Harry was messing around in the restricted section again and decided to bring some snacks with him.

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    Via: cheezburger

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    Via: Ben Cox

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    Via: Kain Klarden

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    Via: Dzheremi 🌹Pavlovich

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    Via: pandypuddingpie

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    Via: Heidi Lang

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    Via: Chelsea M. Cameron

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    Via: Katherine Bruton

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    Via: twitter moments

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    Via: Fanatic Fox
    Well it turns out the the poster is actually a bit older and was inspired by this hilarious Super Bowl commercial from a few years back.

    But, hey, it's all about the journey. Right?
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