Brewers Pitcher Brazenly Mansplains Birth Control to Jessica Chastain on Twitter, Successfully Triggers Pack of Ravenous Trolls

Brewers Pitcher Matt Garza went and lobbed a supremely controversial mansplanation when he aimed to explain to actress Jessica Chastain on Twitter, what his opinion of birth control was. This followed after she tweeted concerns over the implications of the Senate repealing Obamacare on women having access to birth control.

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    First, Chastain's concerns she went and vocalized on Twitter:

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    Via: @jes_chastain

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    And here comes Garza, ever ready to faithfully lob a hot 'n heavy mansplanation:

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    The trolls on Twitter wasted no time with taking cracks at Garza after the ill-advised comment:

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    This one's pretty solid right here:

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    Annd behold this final act of savagery

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    Via: @JB_August
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