Young Thug Never Showed Up for His Video Shoot, So The Director Made The Video Without Him and It’s Amazing

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Rapper Young Thug wanted a lot of cool things in his video: Girls in bikinis, little kids smashing a cop car with Super Soakers, Power Wheels, and, of course, the man himself eating Cheetos. The one thing, apparently, he didn’t want was to show up.

The new Young Thug video explains what happened one fateful when Ryan Staake, the co-director of Young Thug’s video for "Wyclef Jean," realized his co-director, Young Thug, wasn’t going to show up for the shoot. Despite being told that the rapper was on his way, Staake powered through, shooting the girls riding the Power Wheels, Young Thug’s own son destroying a cop car in front of real cops, and two girls, one Kielbasa. He also intercuts the video with audio clips of Young Thug describing what he wanted in the video. It’s amazing.

Now, it’s worth noting that this might eb all part of the video conception. It was, afterall, released by Young Thug. But fake or not, it’s a really cool idea for a music video that doesn’t make the performer look too great.

Just think of what could've been:

via Young Thug

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