Welcome to Tiny Train World: The Guardian Mistakenly Publishes a Hilarious Fake '1984' Quote

"Welcome to Tiny Train World." -George Orwell 1984 

The internet is a cruel mistress. She can give you everything you ever want, all the information in the world at the click of a button. However, that same widespread availability is a double edged sword, as The Guardian learned when they ran a piece with a falsified George Orwell quote.

The book '1984' has been trending again recently due to the political climate and because of accusations of 'fake news' and the usage of the term 'alternative facts', both which have eerie similarities to Orwell's dystopian novel. It's everywhere right now, and has even shot up to the top of Amazon's best selling book lists again. 

Well, The Guardian tried to be trendy by referencing the book and is now paying the price. Since, all know well, if there's anything the internet loves it's that grand ironic moment when a joke gets syndicated as fact.

Anyways, the fake quote itself originally came from a comedic twitter account who created the hilarious falsified quote:

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    Welcome to Tiny Train World. 

    To be fair, if you were really rusty on your 1984 knowledge this might be believable, since the quote uses the same gaslighting technique that is prominent throughout the book.

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    So here is the screen shot from the original iteration of The Guardian article, with the hilarious quote in all its glory:

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    After news of the gaffe spread, the article was quickly amended to this quote, which is actually a quote. 

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    But, of course, the damage was done. For nothing can be ripped from the internet once in its firm grasp.

    So the only thing left is for you to decide, are you a believer? 

    Do you accept the truth that the Tiny Train World is real?

    Or will you continue on with your head in the sand, in that false reality that trains are large contraptions which are often used to take cargo over long distances and in which one can ride from place to place.

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