Faint-Hearted Beware... of the Extremely Erotic 'Virgin Killing Sweater'

Alright, so this one hails from the wild world of Japan and is currently exploding all over the internet on both sides of the Pacific Ocean. 

The 'Virgin Killing Sweater', as its name implies is a sweater that doesn't leave much to the imagination. This fabled garment is full-length dress-sweater(?) that shows both front and back cleavage and it looks like something that comes straight out of a female character's wardrobe in an MMO 

Just a heads up...

This One is NSFW

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    Close enough, right?

    This armor is probably actually less revealing than the real life thing. 

    I wonder what this thing's stats are...

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    Anyways, sweater's name and rise to prominence came from this tweet that was circulating on the 25th...

    The translation for the text reads: 

    This sweater is … erotic.
    The Virgin-Killing Sweater

    That about sums it up. 

    This thing literally leaves nothing to the imagination.

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    By the 29th the post had obtained a massive 67,000 likes and 56,000 retweets. 

    From there it launched its way into hilariously inappropriate stardom.

    Now as Know Your Meme noted, and as some of you might remember, this isn't the first time we've seen the sweater. 

    It was previously posted by a Japanese cosplayer, and although it didn't have such a massive rise to prominence, it sparked a lot of fan drawings and illustrations. 

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    The sweater then transcended the usual otaku virality circuit when it was picked up on by Japanese celebrities Kyoko and Mika Kano also know as the 'Kano Sisters', who seem to be some kind of Japanese iteration of the Kardashians.

    Anyways, these sisters have been known for wearing dresses like this, referring to them as a "Buttock Cleavage Dress that Even Angels Get Stunned". Well, to be honest, that's a pretty freakin' accurate name for these things...

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    The "Buttock Cleavage Dress that Even Angels Get Stunned”

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    Their participation in the new 'Virgin Killing Sweater' trend..

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    Aside from celebrity participation and general circulation 'the sweater' has received countless, and we mean countless, illustrations and images that have been uploaded all over the internet. 

    Most of them we don't care to post here... but here's a few. 

    There's a lot more over at Know Your Meme's trending Images gallary too.

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