People Are Asking Google Home If Obama's Planning a Coup, and the Answer Is Insane

There's been a lot of talk recently about what former-president, current-private citizen Barack Obama is up to. Did he wiretap Trump? Is he planning a coup? 

The answer is no. He's just windsurfing and wearing leather jackets. That kind of thing. 

But that's not keeping curious people from asking their Google Home if Obama's up to something, and the answer is hilarious. Is Google Home hooked up to Breitbart, InfoWars, or something? We're not ruling anything out. 

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    Great. No one tell the president.

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    And just in case you thought it was a one off.

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    Here's why this is happening.

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    Should've listened to mama.

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    But that isn't even the worst part!

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    This is good advice.

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    Don't encourage him.

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    Alexa and Siri ain't buying it, though.

    Via: www.youtube.com

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