A Random Dodge Challenger Beat the Snowstorm This Week, And r/PhotoshopBattles Decided to Have Some Fun

This week, most of Georgia was a panic after receiving barely an inch like 30 feet of snow. Many cars wound up in ditches on the side of the road, including some pretty heavy duty haulers. One driver of a Dodge Challenger was unfazed though, as he sped bravely through two semi-trucks careening off the road. If any major Hollywood studio out there needs a stunt driver, you know who to call...

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    Once /r/PhotoshopBattles got a hold of the image, they couldn't resist adding a bit more awesome to it.

    By Unknown

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    Oh crap...

    By Unknown (Via: /u/osrule86)

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    She's got the DNA samples! After her!

    By Unknown (Via: /u/Shappie)

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    A body honed to perfection...

    By Unknown (Via: /u/ULTDbreadsticks)

  • 5

    Hey, stop that!

    By Unknown (Via: /u/thejook)

  • 6

    Autobots, roll out!

    By Unknown (Via: /u/chadatha)

  • 7

    Please be a star, please be a star!

    By Unknown (Via: /u/Kencori)

  • 8

    Strafing run inbound.

    By Unknown (Via: /u/Sethos88)

  • 9

    War. War never changes...

    By Unknown (Via: /u/framesandflames)

  • 10

    Super Saiyan Olympic athletes? Why not?

    By Unknown (Via: undercome)

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    Fox News has live coverage of the chase.

    By Unknown (Via: /u/gnostic_cat)

  • 12

    I'm gonna knock ALL of you off the map!

    By Unknown (Via: /u/Neverevenphotoshop)

  • 13

    Must go faster, must go faster!

    By Unknown (Via: /u/AndrewJackson654)

  • 14

    Here she comes...

    By Unknown (Via: /u/What_No_Cookie)

  • 15

    Screw this, I'm walking!

    By Unknown (Via: /u/Kabaaam)

  • 16

    Once this baby hits 88, you're gonna see some serious s**t!

    By Unknown (Via: /u/TheTwist)
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