Ghost in the Shell's Viral Marketing Campaign Became a Viral Roasting Campaign

You can't white wash memes. 

The upcoming live-action adaptation of the influential anime and manga Ghost in the Shell has faced a huge backlash for white washing the story's Japanese origins. Basically, people are none too happy with the fact that Scarlett Johansson, a white woman, is playing a Japanese character, another example of the classic Hollywood tradition of giving Japanese roles to white actors. Even John Oliver asked how white washing is still a thing: 

So people are still asking how is this still a thing through the magic of Ghost in the Shell's social media meme generator, which allows users to make their own personalized poster. However, people are just using it to call attention to the film's white washing. See:

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    This didn't go how they hoped

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    Via: @ValerieComplex

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    But that wasn't the only movie people took apart.

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    Then everyone went in on Iron Fist.

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    Via: @IWriteAllDay_

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    Last week, the star of Iron Fist quit Twitter after he defended white washing and looked foolish.

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    Via: @helpmeskeletor

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