10 Songs in Graph Form

A collection of 10 graphed songs for your listening... I mean, viewing pleasure. Comes with some bonus tracks at the end!

  • We Know Who's Got the Better Deal

    Via: Graphic Contents
  • Eh! Macarena

  • Your Face Will Surely Show It

    Via: Graphic Content
  • The Times

    Via: Bite
  • The Last Time I Took Dietary Advice From Pink Floyd I Ended Up Staying Awake For a Week

    Via: Graphic Contents
  • Daft Graph

    Via: I Love Charts
  • I Guess You Don't Have the Moves like Jagger

  • The Only Options Black Sheep Gives You

  • Stop, Hammertime!

  • And Finally, A Video of a Bunch of Songs Graphed!

    Via: I Love Charts
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