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    Funny meme about working on Friday of fire man sitting in chair with fire hose putting out house fire.
    Via: drgrayfang

  • 2
    Meme about moms that cause unnecessary drama.
    Via: thememiestmemes

  • 3
    Sponge Bob Meme about girlfriends when you arguing and start mocking each other.
    Via: thebraintickle

  • 4
    WIN of the internet meme about 10 year old black kid that gets away from abductor by singing gospel for 3 hours.
    Via: _theblessedone

  • 5
    Deadpan Mark Zuckerberg meme comparing him to Data from Start Trek Next Generation.
    Via: memesformemers

  • 6
    Meme about how Italians brush their teeth probably with toothpaste.
    Via: drgrayfang

  • 7
    Brutal meme about spinners
    Via: masipopal

  • 8
    mom meme everything is temporary tattoo
    Via: mememang

  • 9
    Joe Biden calling President Donald Trump to apply for FBI job opening.
    Via: highfiveexpert

  • 10
    Brutal meme on fidget spinners
    Via: wolfgrillz

  • 11
    meat clown funny bologna
    Via: wolfgrillz

  • 12
    orea cookies and creme and guy pouring water on himself in the pool. wait for it...
    Via: sean_speezy

  • 13
    meme about girlfriends friends and not fitting in
    Via: highfiveexpert

  • 14
    Plumber decal funny meme
    Via: yourdadsatonmyface

  • 15
    Absolutly brutal meme about fidget spinners being the same people that don't understand how renewable energy works.
    Via: donny.drama

  • 16
    Leonardo DiCaprio holding and umbrella with a whole new plenty of room for two concept coming back.
    Via: _theblessedone

  • 17
    Spongebob SquarePants meme of Donald Trump/
    Via: donny.drama

  • 18
    Oh The Pain - Friendzoned meme
    Via: davie.dave

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