15 of Today's Funniest Memes

Featuring a dogs, Kanye West, Donald Trump and (of course) fidget spinners. 

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    Meme of Donald Trump signing executive order about Uno
    Via: shitheadsteve

  • 2
    Meme from stock photo on Shutterstock of a kid crying and holding a gun, captioned as when you tell your parents that you want to be Batman and realize what must be done.
    Via: thebraintickle

  • 3
    Meme about muscular man bragging that he has had 20 times as many girls as you, but 20 times zero is still zero
    Via: fvckyoumeme

  • 4
    Poodle with hair that is full afro as meme when you crush going to an event so you gotta put in extra effort
    Via: chaos.reigns_

  • 5
    Fat seal as meme about when someone says you lost weight right after you ate a whole box of cookies.
    Via: tank.sinatra

  • 6
    Kid taking pic with Woody from Toy Story and Elmo standing broken and in shock in the background.
    Via: friendofbae

  • 7
    Meme making fun of Kanye West making fun of someone not being able to afford his clothes.
    Via: adam.the.creator

  • 8
    Scrubs meme of Black By Popular Demand as how it feels when you are white but run a successful hood meme page
    Via: baptain_brunch

  • 9
    Meme of Trump on the guitar, about to pump out some WonderWALL
    Via: drgrayfang

  • 10
    Massage meme
    Via: drgrayfang

  • 11
    The cast of Saturday Night Live climbing the Rock.
    Via: tank.sinatra

  • 12
    X-ray of fidget spinner that got stuck up someone's anus
    Via: tatum.strangely

  • 13
    Meme about file of screen shots for when he says he never said that
    Via: gameofloans

  • 14
    Horse with bad haircut as meme of when your mom cuts your hair.
    Via: goodgirlwithbadthoughts

  • 15
    Last Funny Meme of the list - Pooh and Piglet meme
    Via: chaos.reigns_


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