What's Happening At Terminus!? The Leading Internet Theories (Spoilers... Maybe)

Glenn and Maggie's troupe made it to Terminus last night and met their cruise director Mary frying some lovely kabobs on a grill. With Rick, Michonne and Carl on the way and Daryl in hot pursuit, next week's finale will see the convergence of our disparate prison team.

What lies in store for them at Terminus? Well, the internet has a pretty solid idea already. Read below if you want to know what they think. If they're right, spoilers (definite spoilers).

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    Those Who Arrive May Never Leave

    Via: guildcarver
    Since Carol and her team first heard about Terminus earlier this season, everyone has been yelling:

    at their television screens. Now that we've gotten a brief glimpse inside the gates, the internet is patting itself on the back for knowing all along (even though nothing has happened). What the majority of tumblr blogs believe, is those "who arrive" may not "survive".

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    Because They're Cannibals

    Via: fandoms-trump-real-life
    The Walking Dead television series has yet to feature cannibalism, but it's a pretty established part of both the comics and the popular Telltale Games series. The fact that Terminus' welcoming committee of one is standing over a grill does not bode well. Especially because...

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    They're Already Cooking Beth

    Via: @TheCarlGrimes
    Remember when Daryl and Beth fell in love? Remember when she was taken by a cross emblazoned town car? Of course you do. Well the internet thinks the worst. They think Beth is roasting on that grill, despite the fact that there is no evidence... Or is there!?

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    The Proof is In The Clothing

    Via: miss-sammi-deeks
    Is that Beth's sweater!? This woman has to be a completely different size from the littlest Greene, but that hasn't stopped fans from convincing themselves to start grieving now. You see, we all knew as soon as this woman turned around that she was bad news...

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    Because of The Foreshadowing

    Via: femalebattlecry
    For the longest time, I believed that the painting Michonne found was of Lizzie (who was a psychopath before the apocalypse), but now I'm not so sure. The long braid is such a perfect match to our new lady Governor's hair-do. Either way, the painter obviously hated/feared the model. Is there any reason better than cannibalism?

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    But They're Breaking The Prime Directive!

    Via: Denise Crosby on Twitter
    Personally, I'm of the opinion that Kirkman and his team of writers wouldn't broadcast their finale so blatantly. Cannibalism may be coming, but it's not all that's coming.

    So sit back, try to breathe and just remember that Tasha Yar is a Starfleet Officer and eating people has got to be against regulations. What would Picard say?
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