These Punny Gifs Will Make You Giggle and Groan

What's better than a really great pun? A really great pun in gif form, of course! And lucky for you we've got plenty of those to showcase here on So Much Pun!

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    Some punny gifs are quite dapper...

    Via: Reddit
    ... and they make you feel like Putin on the Ritz!

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    Sometimes you just want to watch them into infinitea!

    Via: Sheepfilms

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    ... even when they're gruesome.

    Like this man getting hit by a train.

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    And just like the "best" puns, gif-puns can make you want to facepalm!

    Via: Professor Faywell

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    Some of them teach you important life lessons.

    Well said, Kenneth Ellen Parcell.

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    Some of them are obtuse, but so worth wrestling with to understand.

    Like this illustrated depiction of the Game Boy Link Cable.

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    Some of them might inspire you to blast your favorite music.

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    Perhaps at a really sweet HOUSE PARTY...

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    ... where you can SHRED along with all your friends.

    Either on air guitar or in Rock Band. Doesn't matter, really.

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    Wow! So many great gif-puns! I can hardly even contain myself.

    Via: Reddit
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