15 Things Dogs Probably Dream About

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    Finally Catching Their tails

    Funny gif of a dog catching his tail
    Via: Tastefully Offensive

  • 2

    Finally kicking the cat out of their bed

    Dog taking over the cat's bed with force.
    Via: Pinterest

  • 3

    Playing a prank on the cat

    Dog hiding up against the wall Ace Ventura style to sneak up and prank the cat.
    Via: Pinterest

  • 4

    Rolling all around on the bed

    GIF of a dog rolling around on the bed and clearly enjoying it.
    Via: Dailyedge

  • 5

    Catching the tennis ball

    Dog on the grass staring at a tennis ball he is holding in his paws.
    Via: Pinterest

  • 6

    or a soccer ball

    Dog jumping over the water chasing a small soccer ball.
    Via: Pinterest

  • 7

    playing with the smaller human

    Toddler feeding a golden retriever dog.
    Via: Petsfans

  • 8

    Getting the First bite

    Pug eating slice of watermelon.
    Via: Tmblr

  • 9

    or a tower of hotdogs

    Pug licking his chops in front of a big pile of hot dogs ready to be eaten.
    Via: pinterest

  • 10

    Endless Cuddles With their favorite person

    Husky cuddling on the couch with owner.
    Via: huffington-post

  • 11

    Own Personal Pool

    Via: Imgur

  • 12

    Rolling Around In The Grass, At The Park

    Via: Make A Gif

  • 13

    Going To The Beach

    does in the crisp blue sea checking out the horizon.
    Via: Pinterest

  • 14

    Playing With Friends

    Famous artwork of dogs playing poker.
    Via: Madison Art Shop

  • 15

    But, What They Really Dream Of... Is You!!!

    Puppy dog offering you his paw.
    Via: Hypescience

    No joke, they really dream of their owners!

    Insert *tears* here

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