The Top 20 Weird Situations That Your Cat Has Been In!

We recently asked ICanHasCheezburger's Facebook followers a question. We asked them to send us a picture of the weirdest situation they've caught their cat in. We were so impressed with the amount of responses we got, we had to make a short list. 

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    We Guess Someone Isn't Too Happy With The Menu!

    cat sitting on top of the frying pan that is on the stove top.
    Via: Maria Catherine

  • 2

    The Perfect Bag

    Cat with face planted right in a handbag.
    Via: Kerri McDougall

  • 3

    Turn Around For One Minute And Already Looking For The Most Inconvenient Way To Get Stuck

    Cat climbing up a wall
    Via: Jarmo Rautanen

  • 4

    Making A Very Powerful Statement

    Cat choosing to sit on the floor instead of the man cat beds right next to him.
    Via: Paul Smiths

  • 5

    Balancing Act Level 100000

    Cat balanced on a tiny spot atop the scratching post.
    Via: Katie Alice Bradley

  • 6

    Not Sure What To Make Of This

    Cat snuggling up in the garbage can
    Via: Ryan Becker

  • 7

    So, Going To The Bathroom Isn't An Option Today...

    Cat on top of the toilet seat cover, so no toilet today.
    Via: Maurine Wergifosse

  • 8

    Someone Is Ready To Go

    Cat is in the handbag and ready to go.
    Via: Nicole Forsee

  • 9

    The Guardian Of The House

    Cat standing right at the apex of the roof, like he is the guardian of the house.
    Via: Anastasia Blondino

  • 10

    Book Worm In His Natural Habitat

    Cat hiding among a whole bunch of books
    Via: Jenny Hamilton

  • 11

    Hovering Cat

    cat seemingly hovering in a corner by the windows
    Via: Devrah Otten

  • 12

    Fascinated By The Fan... The Cat Moves Closer To Examine It

    Cat moving in close to examine the fan
    Via: Janet Lynn Deason McFerrin

  • 13

    Not Sure If The Cat Knows...

    Cat on top of the trash can they put dog poop in.
    Via: Allison Woodfine

  • 14

    So No Dishes Will Be Put Away Today.

    Cat in the cupboard so no dishes will be put away today.
    Via: George Stephan Carter

  • 15

    No Car Will Be Driven

    Cat on the hood and windshield of a shiny blue car.
    Via: Emily Kitchen

  • 16

    Every Move You Make... I'll Be Watching You

    Cat watching your from the boxes behind that door.
    Via: Sandra Micaela

  • 17

    Baby Has Arrived

    Cat parked right in the baby bouncer.
    Via: Kris Acree

  • 18

    This Is How She Told Them She Was Hot

    Cat hiding in the fridge to cool off a bit.
    Via: Sara Child

  • 19

    Either He Couldn't Decide What Level He Wanted, Or Melting...

    melting cat
    Via: Tamar Katherine

  • 20

    Well, Guess The Birds Won't Be Having A Bath Today."

    Cat napping in the birdbath, taking it all up to himself.
    Via: Tracey Signorile
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