Celebrate National Teacher's Day With These 9 Awesome Teachers

It's "National Teachers' Day!" and it's a damn good time to remember all the awesome teachers in our lives. Or, in other people's lives, since I've never had any of these people as teaches.

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    Thug Notes: Literature Has Never Seemed So Awesome.

    Sparky provides the world with an interesting angle on classic literature. And, never have dusty old books seemed so gangsta! (That's how you spell that right? With an "a" instead of the "er" at the end? I don't know, I'm not very gangster.)

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    Honest Teachers Are the Best Teachers

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    Via Unknown
    Here's a teacher that at least lets the student know they've probably knocked back a few while having to grade classes worth of papers. Correcting grammar can get tedious and you might as well take the edge off.

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    It's Better to Teach Love Than Hate

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    Via NY Post
    As long as the kids are away, teachers can play, a panel of judges said Thursday, ruling that educators shouldn't be fired for having sex with one another — even in their classrooms.

    The Manhattan appellate judges said foreign-language teachers Alini Brito, 34, and Cindy Mauro, 38, were treated too harshly when they were dismissed for engaging in a topless classroom tryst inside Brooklyn's James Madison HS in 2009.
    Enough said...

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    Carl Sagan Was an Amazing Teacher

    Via Nova
    How jealous are you of Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson? Carl Sagan has a dear place in my heart, and even though I never met the guy, he taught me a hell of a lot about our universe.

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    Teachers Who Love Dress Up Are Awesome

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    Via Google
    Sure they maybe goofy as hell, but damn that is commitment to getting kids to learn. Cheers to you crazy leprechaun math teacher!

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    A Ruthless Teacher Is an Efficient Teacher

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    Some teachers know it takes guts to deal with the unwashed masses of school children. This guy in particular takes great pleasure from their hopeless sadness.

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    Some Teachers Can Predict Your Future.

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    When you deal with young potential for so long, sometimes you just know what path the students life will take. Though #McDonalds is probably a pretty common one.

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    Some Teachers Can Be Paid Off

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    Lets say you haven't always been a model student. Well, this teacher has your back. For a nominal fee you could come across as student of the year!

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    Hank Green Knows How to Teach by Answering the Hard Questions

    Via SciShow
    Some teachers really know how to get students interest by talking about nachos, and a variety of other delicious foods.
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