Just In Time For Father's Day: The Geekiest Dads on the Internet

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Just because you have a kid, doesn't mean you stop being a nerd. Here's a tribute to all the geeky dads out there, and the kids (and moms) that put up with them.

  • This Dad Doesn't Joke Around About Cosplay

    Via: Artist Abe
  • Never Let Dad Be In Charge of Announcements

    Via: whomba
  • Looks Like the X-Gene Doesn't Skip a Generation

    Via: monkeyofsteel
  • Nerd Dad's Cosplay With the Whole Family

    Via: TheBobStu
  • This is What Happens When Dad's Know Visual Effects

    Via: Action Movie Kid
  • From Lego's La-Z-Boy Set

  • When Dad Got a New Miniature For His Army

    Via: freaktrain
  • Nerd Dads Are Patriotic, Too!

    Via: Izismile
  • Dad and Mom Know The Youngest Will Always Be Player 2

    Via: Reddit
  • R2-Dad2

    Via: wspiercy
  • Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist... and Daddy

    Via: dynofiend
  • We Give Them a Hard Time, But Dads Have To Watch A Lot of Frozen

    Via: Shelly Stephenson
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