15 People Who Don't Understand Astronomy

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    Text - Post Yesterday at 7:19 PM Ok I know this sounds really random but is there a ceiling if u go high enough in space lol Share Like Comment 2 people like this
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    They don't understand gravity.

    Text - Post 39 minutes ago If the world has no gravity outside in space, does thy mean th world or earth is floating randomly in outer space. ?? Hmm answers Like Comment Share 2 people like this. Well it makes sense because if there's no gravity, things float, that's why everything on earth stays on the ground unless upwards force is put behind it because earth has gravity 36 minutes ago Like and we stay in place cause of magnetic fields from earth Post Write a comment...
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    Text - Lysett O.O!! Wtf Pluto not a planet no more?! :O when this happen? Lol feel slow, and im in college. O.o? 35 minutes ago via Facebook Mobile Like Comment Jessical I like this and Rebeca Esa what is it then? a star? Rene 33 minutes ago Like 1 person Idk what it is, but it's not a planet anymore.. Its Lysett just a round thing floating there lol 31 minutes ago Like Rebeca its a moon dumbyz! 23 minutes ago Like 1person we got two moons? 22 minutes ago Like 1person Rene Maximus Smh 21 minutes
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    They don't understand our solar system.

    Text - 12 hours ago Me and Sofi have whizzed round the Sun together 365 times today! Happy anniversary! Like Comment
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    They don't understand the shape of planets.

    Text - im that bored im gonna jump edge of the planet hahahaha bordem Like Comment about an hour ago likes this. vell i no a good diff near her if u want about an hour ago Like nah the edge of the planet about an hour ago Like well good luck with that about an hour ago Like A sphere has no edges. about an hour ago Like im that bored about an hour ago Like Write a comment...
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    Text - 2 August via Mobile Thought of the night: If the earth is round and gravity keeps us to it, does that mean if we loose gravity we fall into the sky Like Comment Share 3 people like this. we would float falling is from having gravity hahaha Haha 2 August at 19:57 via mobile Like Ya think 2 August at 20:08 via mobile Like 1 ? Like walkin on da moon lol We basically only have gravity due to the earth orbiting the sun. so if we lose gravity, our bigger problem will be that we will start drift

    What scares me most is that most of these people have children.

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    They don't understand the Moon.

    Text - Comments 19 hours ago What the f k why the moon orange? Comment Share Like 3 people like th is. That's the sun Just now Like
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    They don't understand our galaxy.

    Text - E 02-UK 20:41 Comments News Feed Like When chocolate bars were being named, the solar system featured heavily. Mars, Galaxy, Milky Way... strange that Uranus didn't make it 10 minutes ago via Selective Tweets Galaxy and Milky Way are not in the solar system and I'm sure Uranus has seen lots of chocolate bars-) 5 minutes ago Like
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    Text - Sam Wednesday They say that Jupiter's moon, Europa, might actually contain water. And its underground lakes might even contain life! That means there could be Europeans.. Wait, what? Unlike Comment Share and 6 others like this. You, Christ Write a comment...
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    They don't understand the difference between astronomy and astrology.

    Text - So today in class the girl sitting behind me said that a light year was the distance from the Earth to the Sun. Quietly, I turned around and informed her that what she was thinking of was an astrological unit, and that the entire solar system was inside a light year. To that, in a catty, bitchy, valley girl tone said, "Astrology is my favorite subject. I know what I'm saying." Holy My brain exploded. I'm dead. My ghost is posting this. Unlike Comment albout an hour ago near
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    Text - added a new photo. According to astronomy, when you wish upon a star You're actually a few million years late. That star is dead Just like your dreams. Like Comment Share 5 hours ago via mobile | and 7 others like this. Good thing I don't believe in astronomy 5 hours ago Like
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    They don't understand atmospheres.

    Text - There Is a way we can inhabit mars! I have the perfect idea, I can't believe nobodies followed trough with it! So, we fly up to mars, plant a couple trees, then the trees make air! Then we can breath on mars! deLike Comment
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    They don't understand stars.

    Text - 7:43 PM AT&T 86% 1 hour ago Someone tried to convince me today that the sun is a star. The sun is a sun so how bout you take second grade again? #getyourfactsright Like Comment and 7 others like this. It is a star. #yougottagetyourfactsstraight... 54 minutes ago Like 5 No the stars are in the sky 24 minutes ago Like Hahah gotta love the pauleys
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    Text - 19 hours ago Just found out the earth rotates aorund the sun..wkss I thought the sun circles around us.... Lke Comment Unfollow post 5 people like this. LOOO00OL 19 hours ago Unlke 42 Ohh suddap It looks like it plus no one ever told me till now! What did you think all the other planets did?( 18 hours ago via moble Like dont they have their own sun...
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    They don't understand anything.

    Cartoon - + Somebody Tried To Tell Me There Was 50 States In America. Nuh Uh Cause The Scientists Found Out That Pluto Dont Exist. We Got 49 Dumbass.


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