These Dogs Wearing Glasses Is What We Need On A Monday

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    Thanks Susan, My Hands Are Tied.

    Via: ficcionella

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    OMG, And Then What Did He Say?

    Via: houndtimeatx

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    Excuse me, Can you turn that racket down! I am trying to nap young man!

    Via: Spocksgoat

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    It's allll good.

    Via: Yoostino

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    Hey! I've got a meeting in the morning!

    Via: AmberStardustPhoenix

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    Interesting... You think you're right?

    Via: Bluebird022

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    Dats Rad Man, just Rad.

    Via: aquaticrobotic

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    I have a very hard final in obedience school tomorrow, and you want to cuddle?

    Via: tomasienrbc

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    Just act cool and blame the cat.

    Via: MasterChief_John-117

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    Interesting, You're completely behind this month and have been spending too much on the cat again.

    Via: Brightcolorsanddirt

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    Wow, that party was off the chains.

    Via: dog-is-good

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    Thanks love, the sun was really in my eyes!

    Via: Reddit
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