Best Twitter Memes And Reactions To Last Night's 'Game Of Thrones' (SPOILERS)

Things haven't settled down in Westeros since the season premiere. Last night's episode, Stormborn, included everything we watch Game of Thrones for: bloody battle scenes, tearful reunions, a steamy sex scene, and some big reveals. We're really going to see Dany and Jon meet, and Greyworm and Missandei finally did it. Naturally, Twitter users were not quiet during or after the episode. 

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    Via: @paradoxends

    Arya finally met up with Nymeria while on her way to be reunited with her brother, Jon Snow, after learning he's been crowned King in the North. We're not sure what gave us more feels: Arya learning that her brother is alive or having that intense face-to-face with her old (and gigantic) pet.

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    How long must we wait for this reunion?

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    Sam should try to make an appearance on Dirty Jobs. His medical scenes with Ser Jorah were horrifying. But he does kind of look like a burnt marshmallow.

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    History repeats itself.

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    Theon: Cool see ya. 

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