Take Some Firework Advice From Those That Have FAILed Before You

Hopefully you have a bucket of water nearby for all the mishaps that are about to go down here with these fireworks screw ups!

  • By Unknown
    Firstly: Keep projectiles as far away from the groin region as possible. Use a broom handle if you must.
  • By Unknown
    For that matter, make sure your fireworks pointing in the right direction.
  • By Unknown
    You know, keep the fireworks pointed AWAY from the crowd, for instance.
  • By Unknown
    And no matter how great it is, keep fireworks away from what some physiologists call "The Greater Flatulence Region"
  • By Unknown (Via: Reddit)
    Fireworks Mega Man arms though? Those are totally cool, right?
  • By Unknown
    Whatever you do, just don't do anything rash like ending your marriage over some sparklers and firecrackers:
  • By Unknown (Via: Laughing Squid)
    One thing is for sure, the last thing you're going to get on the night of the 4th is that.
  • Just Avoid Doing Anything These People Did

    By Unknown (Via: DDoF)
    Let their lessons be yours. Now stay safe and have fun!
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