20 Little Tongues That Are Squee as Can Be!

All these creatures are showing their tongues in the most adorable ways! Try and contain yourself as you peruse these darling little lickers.

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    Via: Tumblr

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    You Look Yummy

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    Is That Ice Cream? I'm Ready for a Taste!

    Via: wiktoriyar

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    A Prickly Tickle

    Via: gifak-net.tumblr.com

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    Licking Frost

    Via: Bunny Food
    Licking frost off the window? Sure squirrel, whatever floats your boat. Just know that you look silly as can be.

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    Can We Just Take One Nice One?

    Via: Google

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    This Tapir Wants a Taste

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    Wash Your Face

    Via: Meow. Meow. Meow.
    You better remember to wash your face or your mom might do it for you...

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    You Got a Little Something on Your Nose, Cutie

    Via: Cuteoverload

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    Gimme That!

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    So There!

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    Lovely Lynxes

    Via: Marina Cano
    "You've got a little something in your eye, darling. Here let me get it for you."

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    Mooom! You're Embarrassing Me!

    It's so embarrassing when your mom decides to clean your face in front of everybody! At least she means well...

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    If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all... and then blow a raspberry at the jerk instead.

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    Target Acquired: Noms in Sight

    The look on your face when you see your family setting the table for dinner, but you aren't allowed to eat any of the mouth-watering noms yet...

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    Big Baby Blues

  • 18

    Okay! I Surrender!

    Via: Addelburgh

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    Bunday: Stretching

    Via: Bunnzies
    This bunny wants to remind you that when stretching it's important to work your *whole* body. It's easy to forget and neglect important squee features like ears and tongue!

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    Got a Little Carried Away...

    Via: Google
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