Happy National Underwear Day!

  • Take advantage of the holiday: refresh your underwear drawer.

    Via: Google
  • (This could be especially important if you have a dog.)

  • Get something special to surprise your significant other...

    Via: ArdLem
  • ...or your soon-to-be-ex.

    Via: The Chive
  • Find a pair that adds some shape.

    Via: Izismile
  • Look for those special little touches.

    Via: basedgosh
  • Underwear can be a true expression of your personality.

    Via: I Heart Chaos
    That sounds about right.
  • Let everyone know where the source of your power lies.

    Via: Izismile
  • Maybe this is more up your (back) alley.

    Via: Tiberious Frog
  • Feeling patriotic?

  • Appropriate for everyone.

    Via: Pleated Jeans
  • Everything's better with puns.

    Via: NerdsWithVaginas
  • Underwear: not just for your butt.

    Via: Izismile
  • Your hands were getting jealous.

    Via: Acid Cow
  • Get your dog in on the action.

    Via: Google
  • Celebrate National Underwear Day! Be brave! Be bold!

  • ...be rejected.

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