Celebrate Pi Day With Some Delicious Puns!

It's Pi Day! The most delicious of holidays! And one of the most irrational, too! So get ready to laugh for at least 3.14159 [...] minutes with this collection of pi/pie puns!

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    It's Pi Day, Pi Day, gotta get down on pi day!

    Via: Esdi Says Aloha

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    Mmm... apple pi pie!

    Via: A Periodic Table

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    No! Not that kind of apple pi!

  • 4

    Pumpkin pi is pretty fantastic too!

    Via: FoxTrot

  • 5

    Maybe there's a way to get the best of both worlds...

    Let's see if we can't map this out using a venn piagram...

  • 6

    What if you put a pi pie within another pi pie!?

    Via: Yo Yo Dawg Dawg

  • 7

    Sounds great, doesn't it? But you should definitely pace yourself.

    It's always good to just take things a slice at a time.

  • 8

    ... or you could just gobble it all up, because AMERICA! YEAH!

  • 9

    Who cares if you get fat? It'll totally be worth it!

  • 10

    And besides, you can always just swim off that weight.

  • 11

    ... or just grow a sweet mustache, because mustaches are ALWAYS awesome.

    That's not really a statement related to Pi Day, but you know you can't refute it.

  • 12

    Sigh, why can't every day be Pi Day?

    There truly is no greater day!
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